Broward County Local Move

Most moving usually is local, which is typically defined as moves that are 100 miles in distance or less, meaning these types of moves are usually within the same state or region. Local moves could be either residential, such as moving from home to home or from an apartment to a storage facility or commercial, such as from one business location to a new store front. For any type of relocation though, it should be as hassle free as possible, since so many factors come into play, that it’s easy to have a move go sideways without proper planning and management. Therefore, when deciding to hire a moving company instead of imploring friends and family, there is an expectation that professional movers will make the process go smoother with less effort on the part of the family or staff involved in the move. In reality, there is still a substantial investment of time and responsibility still by all parties which is what we emphasize for any upcoming moves throughout Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties booked with Sunset Moving and Storage

With that in mind, keeping the lines of communication open until the job is completely done is critical. We view those communication touch-points from the initial estimate and coordination of the pick-up to the possible storage and unloading at the final destination as well as our follow-up after the transition is complete helps maintain a high level of quality throughout.

A benefit working with Sunset Moving is the equipment and technology and resources we package together to deliver a better overall experience, spanning from using newer trucks and moving equipment, to providing various storage options, such as short and long term storage as well as climate controlled facilities and enhanced security. We also value our staff, which has been trained to handle not just local and long distance relocations for residential and commercial jobs, but also handling unique and odd-shaped specialties, such as antiques and pianos. We can also provide boxes, padding, blankets, shrink wrap, tape and other supplies as needed or we’re able to pack, unpack, crate and uncrate as well.

Before moving, it would be a good time to downsize and decide which belongings are worth retaining. By parting with items, it gives you fewer objects to deal with and allows for a fresh start to redecorate. For instance, if you haven’t touched an item in a year, it’s likely that you don’t really need it. Consider holding a garage sale of all the items that you either haven’t used frequently or haven’t even unboxed from your last move. Items that are deepest in storage are likely items that you could part with. Also if an item’s replacement value isn’t very high, getting rid of it could be an option. However, if it’s an item that you would definitely seek to replace within the next year, you’re probably better off taking it with you. Glassware, dishes, and other fundamental items have a tendency to multiply. So, if you don’t want to be carting box after box of glass into your new kitchen or dining area, you may want to consider paring down to just the best of your items. Same applies for cleaning products, toiletries and lawn care items that you actively use.

Of the things that you want to keep, you can focus on organizing things in trays, boxes, and other storage containers that will make them far easier to transport. Things like cutlery, for instance, can be organized and put away before they are packed, so they take up less space and are therefore easier to haul with you. At the same time, you may want to disassemble any items that you’re going to be storing (or that are simply cumbersome to move), such as shelving and certain items of furniture. If you prefer, Sunset Moving & Storage could do this as well too and organize it in this way. However, if you are seeking to save money in the moving process and you have time to do this, doing this yourself would be a good use of time.

There may be some things that you can’t bear to part with but you just don’t have space for in your new home (or you simply don’t use very often). This could include old furniture that you hope to someday give to your children, boxes of documents that you may someday need, or simply seasonal items that are only important once a year. For these items, you might want to consider getting a storage unit. Therefore you can direct your moving crew to take certain boxes to your new home and certain boxes to your storage location. For South Florida in particular, Sunset Moving and Storage has a variety of storage options for long term and short term needs as well as options like climate controlled facilities or even highly secure enclosures for items that have high value. Regardless of the type of storage needed, our team will be able to provide a solution for you.

All this advice is mostly meant more for residential moving, but it also applies to commercial relocations too since businesses accumulate a lot of paperwork and duplicate items that could be unnecessary to transport. Perhaps the new storefront or office location has certain items like built-in like microwaves or fans and self regulated temperature as well as cubicles and desks, which may make retaining similar items irrelevant. There could be certain circumstances that may need to be followed with corporate moves such as removing and unpacking items during off-hours to minimize impact on the business or other businesses in the same office park or perhaps entering and exiting via loading docks and service elevators for instance. These rules and regulations vary for business offices throughout South Florida from West Palm Beach and Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Plantation and Miami. Other considerations regarding office moving include planning ahead with your IT staff so that all communications plans, such as phone connections, internet plans and technical equipment and servers are transferred over. Your operations staff may also be very busy coordinating either moving inventory , supplies or equipment from one warehouse to another which we can assist in with proper planning and by maintaining the important flow of communication throughout.

In summary, Sunset Moving and Storage can handle any type of residential or commercial move across South Florida, especially for Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties. We look forward to assisting you!

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