Moving Long Distance From South Florida!

Sunset Moving & Storage knows that any type of move can be an adventure, especially when you’re relocating to another state, such as across the country or even overseas. To reduce the stress of such a big endeavor involves planning and the more thorough your plans, the more likely you will be closer to satisfied with the end results. When people move locally, they could reach out to friends and neighbors to assist or even nag close relatives. However, for a long distance move that may not apply as easily, at least not when you’re uncrating and unpacking, since you may not know anyone where you’re headed.

Even having buddies and family assist with the packing may be a little more tricky since items may not be wrapped and packaged properly, especially over such a long distance and that oversight could lead to a higher likelihood of those cherished valuables getting damaged. Hence, why people turn to a professional mover with long distance moving experience. Although a mover is involved, it does not mean you’re disconnecting from the process at all, since it will require a lot of focused effort and dedication by all parties to make the experience as smooth as possible.

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Long Distance Moving Tips

Therefore, before your cross country relocation from South Florida occurs make sure everything is packed before your movers arrive to begin loading it up and driving it off. Also do NOT procrastinate when it comes to gathering packing supplies such as boxes, tape, dolly, newspapers and so on which can be provided by Sunset Moving as well. Even after you gather all your packing material, do not push off the boxing your items up. Doing so increases the chance that you’ll either have items that will get broken or you’ll have a hard time finding them later on as you unpack. To make the unpacking easier later on, label your boxes. Note the contents such as clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, cleaning products and so on. Also an important detail to note is which room of your new home you’d like each of these boxes and crates to be placed such as main bathroom, kitchen , master bedroom and so forth. Doing this will lessen the confusion and headaches when you’re ready to unload your stuff.

Also, it would be good to establish in advance who’s responsible for moving which items with us as your mover. For instance, there are plenty of things best left for your movers to ship such as large things like appliances and large or odd-shaped pieces of furniture such as a piano. Certain smaller or more portable items could be better kept with you jewelry, heirlooms, smaller antiques and mementos or even small boxes that are personal and sensitive such as legal correspondence, financial documents, business papers, contracts, and deeds. Most long-distance moving companies won’t assume liability for items like these and its better to keep those precious possessions close to you anyhow. In parallel to this would be creating an item list of everything you’re transporting to your new home and partition the list on what is with you vs. the movers so that it can serve as a checklist as you unloading your items. As you’re making that list, start alerting your friends, family, and close business associates of your relocation while discontinuing your utilities at your current residence while turning on the utilities for your new home. Decide what you wish to do with any unused food & supplies and house plants that may perish or cause more issues transporting and what your plan is for any pets. Lastly, don’t forget to use carpet shields as you move out and move in since they’ll protect from filth and other funk or ask us and we’ll provide that for you!

Sunset Moving & Storage As Your South Florida Mover

Sunset Moving And Storage Group is your top choice for long distance residential moving across the South Florida area. Ask us for a moving quote to any national location as you relocate from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Parkland and all the other communities in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.